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My name is Marlien Vijfhuizen, born and raised in Hillegom, the Netherlands. When I grew up, I played the classical harp and during my travels I picked up the guitar and Ukulele. Later in my life, I discovered the joy of playing drums. The first time I participated in a drum circle, I got in such a trance that i didn’t realized I was bruising my hands enormously. I didn’t even feel or notice it! That’s when I realized how greatly music and being in a flow with music impacts you. I bought my first Djembé to keep trying to get back to this amazing feeling of oneness, of no worries and just music – this time with a little bit more knowledge about technique, so I didn’t bruise my hands anymore 😉
After that, I discovered the handpan and the didgeridoo and many other amazing instruments.

For me listening to music and playing music is all about the experience it gives you. If this is resonating with you, feel free to contact me for a lesson, a collaboration or any other event. On the event page, you will get an idea of the possibilities!

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