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Healing Didgeridoo Workshop

The didgeridoo is a special ancient musical instrument from Australia. By blowing on a hollow tree trunk or pipe, you can produce a deep drone sound. Besides the fact that listening to this sound can bring a deep relaxation and even a trance, more and more research shows that playing the didgeridoo yourself has a very positive influence on both your mental and physical state of mind.

Often we breathe too much through our chest, while a deeper and controlled breathing through your belly improves your lung capacity, strengthens your muscles and brings a deep sense of relaxation. Playing the didgeridoo is a beneficial, special and musical way to control your breathing and become aware of your body. The vibration of the didgeridoo moves your inner energy where it is needed.  For many people, playing the didgeridoo gives a feeling of coming home and deep relaxation.

In this healing workshop we teach you how to play the drone sounds on the didgeridoo. You can achieve this by relaxing your facial muscles and your entire body. We therefore start with breathing exercises and chakra toning to achieve a calm state of mind. Once you can produce the drone sound on the didgeridoo yourself, you will vibrate in a sense of wholeness. For the more advanced players and people who want an extra challenge, Simon can give tips to improve this game and expand it with different sounds.  This workshop is for everyone, regardless of your level and how you feel right now <3″

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